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Join the Everlasting Sacred Path:

We are a large and active community originating in Guild Wars 1 and now currently engaged in Guild Wars 2. To join or find out more information click here.

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We host a wide range of events for our guild and our alliance. To see more look at our Alliance Calendar or view our Event Board.

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Our 8th-annual ESP Holiday Party will be in December. Check the forums for details.

The Everlasting Sacred Path:

Eight-plus years of bringing crumpets, pants, vodka and shenanigans into the Guild Wars lingo.

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Platypusapalooza IV

Apr 18, 2014 - 5:23 PM - by Karuna
Karuna's Avatar

Spring is in the air, the magic of a new year is all about us, and the Platypi are frolicking. All of this can only mean one thing -- yes, it is time once again for Platypusapalooza! Join ESP in our yearly festival that celebrates all things related to the change of seasons, good will, good fortune, and the noble platypus.

Saturday, April 26 we shall gather together in Caledon Forest to kick off the festivities. Expect some surprises, a variety of games and contests. Bring a tribute for the Pants Eating Dolyak and hopefully good fortune shall shine upon us all if the great platypus appears.
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Find Love! ESP-Harmony II

Feb 16, 2014 - 12:26 AM - by Karuna
Karuna's Avatar

Last year, over 0.003458% of our clients met their true match by using ESP-Harmony! Due to this resounding success, we are back for another year with ESP-Harmony II. Everyone has another chance at love, no matter if you found your true match last year with us or not.

Our Loveageologists have further improved our match-making technology, which means that now it is your time to stop being a loner boner and start being a lovey boner.

"But, how do I accomplish all of this?" you ask? It is easy. Start here by taking the ESP-Harmony Quiz: http://www.espguild.com/forums/forms.php?do=form&fid=7 We will then use our 12+7 point system to evaluate (read judge) you and match you with only those people who are most likely to be your true mate.

Once we tally all the results, and have scientifically calculated matches for all of our clients, we will meet in The Grove on Saturday, Feb 22 for the mass unveiling and a number of other fun games.

Could this be the year that you find love? Let ESP-Harmony take the hard work out of relationships and match you up the right way -- the truly ambiguous way, the random way, the ESP-Harmony Way, the right way!
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ESP Wintersday 2013

Dec 07, 2013 - 9:51 PM - by Karuna
Karuna's Avatar

It is the middle of winter, the snow is falling, holiday cheer is in the air . . . and the ESPers are congregating for the 8th annual [ESP] Holiday Party.

This year's event will take place on Saturday, Dec 21 at 1pm server time in Hrothbeir's Rest. We have a wide range of activities planned, including a few new twists, and a ton of great prizes to award to all of the participants.

We will be hosting a Secret Santa over the two weeks leading up to the day of the party. You can find details and sign up to be a Secret Santa here: Secret Santa Details. There will also be an evening witch hunt after we have finished all of the part activities and completed guild missions. You can sign up for the December witch hunt here: Sign up for the Wintersday Witch Hunt
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Coaster for the Kids

Oct 31, 2013 - 10:15 PM - by Missy
Missy's Avatar

One of the guilds we've been running with on Friday reset, WAR, has brought this to the TC Community's attention and put together a TC team. Formally this starts on November 2nd and goes into November 3rd with Daylight Savings for USA causing 25 hours straight of game play--to conform to GW2, TC's team will start at Friday reset on November 1st and play 25 hours straight holding whatever map (TCBL) is chosen.
Please read what Justin wrote explaining the entire fundraiser. You don't have to go out and find sponsors, but if you want to donate or help hold the map for the hours, please do!!!

"Greetings Fellow Coasters!

My name’s Justin Olson, you might know me more by my in-game name Dethroat. I’m the guild leader of War is Hell. We moved to the server in the middle of July and have been having a blast since we did. One of the reasons we moved to Tarnished Coast was for the community. It was something we felt was lost on our old server, and something we were told TC had in spades. Well the truth of the matter is that TC is an even better community minded server then we could have ever dreamed of.

We wanted to be a part of that community, and as a community we wanted to give back. I brought the idea of becoming active and participating in Extra-Life to my Officers and the guild a week ago. Myself and one of my Council members, Vincynt, got to chatting about it and really thought it was a great charity, great event, and something we wanted to get behind.

With Vin’s organizational brain spinning out of control (spend some time with the guy or just take a look at our webpage and you’ll see what I mean!) The conversation quickly spiraled into not just our guild participating, but reaching out to all of you and inviting anyone who might be interested to join us!

So here we go!

What is Extra-Life?
Extra-Life is a gaming marathon held on November 2nd whereby participants reach out to their friends, family and fellow gamers to donate some cash to a worthy cause. The support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

What Are You Going to Do?
We’re going to get our friends, family members and fellow gamers to pledge us so we can game all night and into the wee hours of the morning to make a difference in the lives of children with critical illnesses and serious injuries. We play to raise money so they can keep on playing!

Specifically we’re going to start gaming on November 1st (I know, a little early, but hey, it’ll be fun!) at 6 pm Server for Reset. You’re going to find us, War is Hell, and anyone who wants to join us, out in WvW for as long as we can go! 6 PM Server on the 1st until 6 pm Server on the 2nd, or longer if we don’t pass out and get keyboard imprints on our foreheads!

How Can I Help?
There are two ways you can help.

The first way you can help is by going to Extra-Life’s website, signing up for an account, and joining the TC Community Team! Set yourself a goal, and start reaching out to your friends and family today! Then on the 1st at 6 PM Server join us on TC’s Mumble for a great night of fun holding points on BL’s and playing together! We want to encourage as many of you as possible to sign up, join the team and make TC proud by showing the gaming community and the world at large how big all of our hearts are.

The second way would be by visiting the TC Community Team Site and selecting one of the team members raising money for a hospital close to you and making a donation. Any donation no matter the size helps. Skip a few cups of coffee one week and donate $5. Help save a child’s life and make a difference.

But Guys, I don’t WvW…
We get it, not everyone loves the best gameplay mode in Guild Wars 2

Don’t let that deter you! Even if you’re not going to join us in WvW, marathon overnight, or even play GW2. You can still participate by raising money or donating! Extra-Life is about playing games to raise money and awareness for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in each of our communities.

I Have More Questions About This, Who Should I Talk To?
You can find myself or Vincynt online a lot in the War is Hell Mumble channels. You can catch Vin at the Reset Meeting on Thursday Nights, or you can PM either myself or him on the War is Hell website. Or the simplest way, post your question here! We'll be checking often and be sure to do our best to answer it.

We haven’t thought of everything, we’re just trying to get the ball rolling. If you’d like to become involved in helping organize and lead events for people to participate in, or just generally have questions come find us in mumble, PM us on our website, or on the GW2 Forums (Vincynt.7396 or Dethroat.3514), we’d love to chat with you more about participating!

That’s all for now, we’ll keep you posted via this thread on any additional updates!"

I know this is a little late's notice, but it has been mentioned in guild chat before and here is the official post from forthetoast.com. I definitely encourage everyone to try for at least two hours even if you've never gone into WvW before (find a tag and get on Mumble--WAR will be on the entire time). It's for the kids who may not ever get to play a game like GW2 to do anything like WvW.
  3 Replies | 6,013 Views

The ESP Halloween Party -- Saturday, October 26th

Oct 23, 2013 - 3:43 PM - by Karuna
Karuna's Avatar

What is more scary than an ESP Guild Member? A bunch of ESP Guild members at a Halloween party -- which is exactly what will happen this coming Saturday, October 26th. Festivities kick off at 2pm server time and we have several events lined up to test your cunning as well as your bravery.

This weekend will also be marked by a double witch hunt -- both Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Starter info and the sign up thread can be found here: http://www.espguild.com/forums/showt...7440#post17440

Come out and get into the 'spirit' with the guild and celebrate one of our favorite holidays of the year.
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