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  1. View from the Corner...

    ...of Panera Bread

    Karuna didn't want to get up so I'm out by myself . . . I really hate eating alone because I've literally never had to do that. Someone was always there. Usually, I will order pick up and eat in the car or bring it home. Today I brought my laptop to 'blend in' instead of obvious people watching.
    So many people are on their phones or wearing hats. I am not one of those that is like "Oh my gosh technology will ruin people's lives, talk to people dont ...
  2. Time To Think

    I have a lot of time to think at my new job now. Some may say yay, some may say that's a burden, some may say "uh oh, what will she come up with now ><". I like thinking and will never stop thinking. I tend to overthink to be honest. It causes problems sometimes, but at other times it prevents problems or makes plans for if a problem can arise.
    I guess the same could be said for analyzing a situation. Not everything is as intricate as I make it. Over analyzing, over thinking... ...

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  3. Passing Silence

    Accept and move on
    to lead by example.
    Think before
    you speak your thoughts.
    Trust Yourself.
    Think before
    you ruin a chance.
    Keep peace;
    yours and theirs.
    Think before
    you express emotion.
    Stay respectful.
    Spend precious time
    in deep speculation.
    Reflect; do not
    neglect your life
    and responsibilities.
    Be the strong shadow.

    This assignment was to write an ...

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  4. Break Free

    Open your eyes

    Look deep inside

    Your heart is healthier

    Than anyone can tell.

    Shut up in a closet

    A cave, a dungeon,

    Hidden from the world,

    Your gift is not known.

    You have a power,

    A promise, a soul wrenching,

    Mystifying, seed inside you.

    Get out of your tower.

    Go down your hair.

    Escape the clutch of evil, ...

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  5. Humorous Triolet

    My crazy friends
    Innuendos always going on
    Fun hidden messages to send
    My crazy friends
    Weird fetishes tend to blend
    All your words will be preyed upon
    My crazy friends
    Innuendos always going on

    The Italian Triolet poetry form consists of 2 rhymes. ABaAabAB. The capital letters are repeating lines making only 5 original lines. The number of lines must be in multiples of 8. If I wanted another line than posted above, I'd have to make 16 lines ...

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