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    A bit late, but would love to comment still!

    Don't get me (or you) wrong, technology has made society more advanced than what it was even 5 years ago. Everything is, and continues to, evolve in the technological world and everything within. I think there is a lack of face-to-face socialization anymore (guilty as charged, though). I even have a little backstory on this: when living with my parents, I could be in one room, and they in another. Instead of calling for me, they would call/text my phone and tell me what they wanted. I think it's a bit depressing it's came down to that, but it has its perks as well.

    I struggle with you as well; all throughout high school, I would skip lunch if I did not have anyone to sit with and talk too; I still do that to this day! It shouldn't be uncomfortable to us, but it sadly is. [I]I get the tendency to just start looking all around the room and staring at people, so at least you were smart to bring a laptop!!![/I]