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A Guild Wars Soap Opera Part II

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Scene I
Back at the Forgotten Knights Castle Courtyard on a cool, cloudy day. The Alliance is celebrating the marriage of Val and Ceara.

Riff Is Bored: "Blah, Blah, Blah, oh look, another wedding, *yawn*. I'm beginning to think observing this crew is waste of my time. I could easily pen a better play about a bunch of drunken mimes. What good is foresight in this case? It's so ridiculous that I am inspired to laugh. Maybe I will lay to rest the poetry biz and go back to working on math."

Sir J: "Well, we are certainly getting to enjoy a lot of celebrations lately!"

Karuna: "Aye. Pass me that bottle friend." |-Sir J hands a bottle of crystal clear vodka over to Karuna, who takes a healthy swig before returning it. Just then, the newly wed couple, Val and Ceara approach-|

Ceara: "Greetings Sires!" |-bowing very deeply and averting her eyes downward-| "I am so very glad that you were both able to attend. It was very kind of you to come."

Karuna: "Of course. I would not have missed an occasion such as this."

Sir J: "Congratulations to you Val and Ceara!"

Ceara: "I do hope that you and those of your guild will come and visit us frequently. I am very eager to meet everyone and to get to know you all better. If you ever need my assistance with anything at all you only need to ask. I am here to serve."

Karuna: "Thank you m'lady. I am looking forward to all the adventures that lay ahead for us and likewise, you are welcome in our halls at any time you should wish."

Val: "Karuna! Some time after all this celebrating and our honeymoon, |-winks and nudges Karuna-| I should like to speak with you about some matters of a diplomatic nature. I feel that . . . our alliance is just not making as much of an impact as I had hoped and I feel we may need to look to expand our reach, if you know what I mean, and increase our ranks. Some day people should be singing songs and telling tales of the great Sacred Consilium!"

Karuna: "Certainly. Just let me know the time. I agree that it could benefit us to explore our options. Did you have anything in particular in mind? Finding another guild that would be suitable to join our cause perhaps?"

Val: "Yes! That's it exactly! Although 'suitable' is the key word. They must be honorable and of high standards just like we are."

Ceara: |-turning to Val-| "My love. I may know just the very order of knights that you seek. I could introduce you to them."

Val: "You do? How did you . . . ? I mean . . . well yes. I suppose that I could speak to them some time . . . Well anyway, remember what I said Karuna. We must be moving on now. Lots of guests have come to see us and we must attend to them. I wish you both well."

Karuna: "Thank you, and congratulations again." |-turning back to Sir J after the newlyweds have passed out of range-| "Ceara is extremely charming. I do worry a bit about Nina, even though she seems to be taking this all in stride. I think that I shall go and speak to her."

Sir J: "Ok! While you do that I'll go make my big entrance at the open bar. It seems they have forgotten the fireworks this time so I must go liven things up a bit!"

|-Karuna crosses the courtyard, making his way through the crowd, and finds Nina along with a retinue of her guild members. Sir J makes his way to the bar where people are singing songs and making merry. The camera turns to focus back on Val and Ceara as they pause to chat with a Knight who has just recently joined FK-|

Carrigan: "May the kindness of the gods smile upon you both my lord and lady." |-kneels before the pair-|

Ceara: |-reaching down to lightly touch Carrigan's shoulder-| "What is your name good sire? I have only just now heard your voice for the first time and already I am inspired by your good nature."

Carrigan: "I am Carrigan, ambassador of the gods. I came here where I felt that my blade would serve a noble purpose."

Val: "He's new."

Ceara: "Rise up then sire Carrigan. Let me look into your eyes . . . yes, you truly are a great knight aren't you? It makes me happy that you are here as a member within our halls. We must speak more when there is more time. I would be curious to hear about your adventures and deeds"

Carrigan: "As you wish m'lady."

Val: "Come Ceara. The officers have a special surprise lined up for us and I do not want to be late."

|-the couple takes their leave of Carrigan and then make their way within the castle. Ceara turns to steal another glance at Carrigan before they enter-|

Scene II
The inner council chambers of the Forgotten Knights Guild Hall. The members of the alliance leadership have gathered together to meet with Astalith, the leader of The Holy Champions, to discuss a possible alliance.

Riff The Inventor: "Oh hi! You thought that I was just a poet? I am also an inventor. I've just created something that I am calling 'The Bookah Mentor'. It glows red when people are lying and blue when they tell the truth. It should be simple enough to even prevent these fools from making another goof."

Astalith: "Greetings noble lords! I am Astalith of Ascalon; the Guardian of The Holy Champions. It delights me greatly to be here before you today. Your hall here is very great -- everything that I imagined that it would be and so much more. It is my hope that we may become united under the same banner, growing side by side in trust, and justice, and in truth -- allied by the strength forged within the Sacred Consilium!"

Sir J: |-aside to Karuna-| "She certainly has a way with words anyway!"

Karuna: "I wonder why it is that she wears that mask. I shall have to ask her about it when I get the chance."

Sir J: "Yes, that is curious. But her guild does sound impressive and may be a good fit here."

Val: "I thank you Astalith for presenting yourself before us and making your offer of friendship and alliance. I feel that The Holy Champions would be beneficial in helping us all to achieve our goals and should be admitted. What say you all?"

Nina: "I would be ok with it."

Karuna: "Yes, I agree that there is much promise in extending our alliance to include The Holy Champions."

Val: "Excellent! Let us make everything official then and punctuate it with a celebration."

Astalith: "That sounds wonderful. I thank you all very deeply. The Champions who made the journey here by my side have brought with them some delightful old Ascalon ale which we would be welcome to share with you all as part of the celebration."

Val: "Now we are talking!"

|-everyone present adjourns to the castle courtyard to make the announcement of the new addition to the alliance. there is much cheering and friendly banter. Karuna and Sir J manage to get a moment alone with Astalith-|

Sir J: "Welcome to the Alliance! That was a most impressive speech that you made."

Astalith: "Sir J! You look positively yummy tonight . . erm, I mean . . thank you!"

Sir J: |-chokes on his drink for a moment-| "Ahh . . yes . . umm . ."

Astalith: |-striking a regal pose again-| "Apologies m'lord but you are adorable and I simply lost my composure for a moment. |-reaches out to playfully pinch Sir J's cheek-|

Sir J: "Yes, well, thank you! I will leave you two to talk now. I am sure you have some business to discuss!"

Astalith: "Aww. Do come back and talk to me when you can Sir J"

Sir J: |-spoken while retreating-| "Yes, I will! Goodbye!"

Astalith: |-to Karuna-| "You are so very lucky to have an officer like that . . . "

Karuna: "He is quite invaluable ."

Astalith: "Shame. I would be tempted to steal him away . . . and then get out the chocolate sauce and . . " |-laughs-|

Karuna: "Erm, yeah . . . Say, forgive me if this is an intrusion but I was curious if there was some meaning behind the mask that you wear."

Astalith: "Forgive me m'lord. You may not see it but I am blushing now. And the mask, it is something that I wear as a tribute to my people back in Ascalon who fell during the great battle."

Karuna: "Understood. I hope my question did not conjure up any unpleasant memories for you."

Astalith: "Do not worry yourself m'lord. It was silly of me to not explain it sooner. Let us use this time to enjoy the moment and look ahead to the greatness that we shall achieve together."

Karuna: "Well said. So you are friends with Ceara?"

Astalith: "We are very dear friends, yes."

Karuna: "How did the two of you meet?"

Astalith: "After the horror of The Searing we found each other and traveled together for some time . . . helping each other to survive and helping out others that we came across. It was a difficult time but we forged a very strong relationship."

Karuna: "That must be a very special friendship indeed. Odd that she is not here tonight. I expected to see her present at an occasion such as this."

Astalith: "I believe she had matters to attend to with her family, who live off a ways from here. But you would have to take it up with Lord Val to be sure."

Karuna: "Understood. Well, lets rejoin the others, and as you said, enjoy the moment shall we?"

Astalith: "Yes m'lord. I could not hope for any better company for this evening than this."

|-the two return to mingle with the crowd. there are toasts and fireworks then the evening dies down and all return to their homes-|

Scene III
The entry hall of The Everlasting Sacred Path. Ceara and Carrigan appear during the early morning hours, both in an obvious state of distress and quickly request an immediate audience with Karuna

Riff The Dramatist: "I am Riff the great dramatist and I have emotions too. However, if I could take the place of Karuna in this scene I would have a much different point of view. "Too bad you got kicked out," I would say, "and safe travels." It's when you let emotion get in the way of sound judgement that things start to unravel."

Karuna: "Ceara. What is it? You are welcome here of course but I can tell that something is greatly bothering you."

Ceara: "M'lord, you are so gracious. |-kneels before Karuna-| Something terrible has happened and we both need your help."

Karuna: "Well for goodness sake tell me. What is going on?"

Ceara: "Carrigan and I have been exiled m'lord and banned from ever returning. |-looks up at Karuna with eyes that are on the verge of tears-| "We knew not what else to do but to come to you and seek shelter."

Karuna: "Exiled? What?"

Ceara: "Val flew in to a rage over how much time I was spending with Carrigan and he tossed us both out and said that we were never to return."

Karuna: "I see. Well that does complicate things . . . "

Ceara: "I know you to be very kind and I was sure that you would help us in our plight. We have no where else to go."

Carrigan: "We would be honored if we could remain here and join as part of The Everlasting Sacred Path. We submit ourselves to your guidance and will serve to the best of our abilities."

Karuna: "Well, it does seem unfair that you should be treated so. Listen. You two stay here for the time being and I will go and speak with Val and see if I can straighten this mess out."

Ceara: "We are forever indebted to you m'lord. We simply wish to be able to remain among friends and to not be judged for the special friendship that Carrigan and I have."

Karuna: "Make yourselves at home for now. I will return once I have spoken with Val."

. . . to be continued

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