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A Guild Wars Soap Opera Part III

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Scene I
Karuna has arrived at the Guild Hall of the Forgotten Knights and is granted audience with Val so that they may speak about the situation with Ceara and Carrigan

Riff Is Very Importat:
"Like my new title? I got it from vanquishing fools. For my next level up I shall try to teach humans how to live by the rules. You think that is impossible? You say that it can't be done? Actually, you are probably right. I'll just go back to my hall and wait for GW2 to come."Val: "Karuna! Hello and so good of you to come seek my opinion. Do come and have a seat. Let me know what I can do for you"

Karuna: "Hello Val. I was hoping that we could discuss . . . "

Val: "Ceara. Yes, I know. Don't look so surprised. I tracked her and discovered already that she went crawling to you looking for solace. I figured she would try to worm her way back in to the alliance one way or another"

Karuna: "I thought that you two were happy together. What happened?"

Val: "What happened? She is a liar and a traitor, that is what. It just . . eluded me at first . . but it did not take me long to figure out her true nature . . not when I saw how she was running around behind my back with that . . Carrigan person."

Karuna: "So you are saying that Ceara cheated on you with Carrigan?"

Val: "Oh, it is even worse than that I am afraid. They were roleplaying together!"

Karuna: "What . . . ?"

Val: "Oh, you know what I mean -- confessing their love to each other in imaginary ways, pretending to be people that they are not, penning little stories together . They had the unnerving gall to suggest that I should be ok with it all, even while they performed their little game of love charades right under my nose."

Karuna: "Val, I can understand your discomfiture, but honestly it seems a bit harsh to toss them out of the alliance entirely. I suppose you may already know, but they came to me today, seeking entrance into my guild so that they may be allowed to remain among familiar surroundings."

Val: "Take my advice and do not allow them back in. They are griefers, and by disrespecting me they have disrespected all of us. Severely! I know that you will understand. The nature of our alliance is such that we must support each other and respect the wishes of the leadership. I know that you would not want to damage the circle of trust that we have forged."

Karuna: "I don't know Val, I mean, I have to consider both sides in this argument. Plus, this is all so recent now. Maybe if we give it some time everyone will calm down and this won't seem like such a big issue."

Val: "No! You are wrong about that . . . Time may heal wounds, but the truth . . . the truth is like the sun . . you can not hide from it . . . nor can you cover it up with anything, not even time. Those two have proven themselves to be deceitful and disrespectful. Allowing them back into the alliance would be a direct assault upon the values and truths that we are supposed to uphold . . . it would be a direct assault upon me."

Karuna: "Alright Val. I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. I must be on my way now."

Val: "Karuna, thank you for understanding."

Karuna: "Of course, but Val . . . "

Val: "Yes?"

Karuna: "Just so you know, I may still allow Ceara and Carrigan to join."

Val: "Goodbye then Karuna. . ."

Karuna: "Catch you later Val."

Scene II
Karuna departs from the FK Halls and travels to the Hall of the Dark Angels of Rising Chaos to speak with Nina and get her opinion on the matter

Riff, God Walking Amongst Mere Bookahs: "I present to you a study of three bookahs, we shall hold them up to the light. Karuna is too hesitant while Val is too uptight. Now we move to the lady Nina, liked by one and all. Will Karuna listen to what she says or let his inner voice make the call?"

Nina: |-smiling warmly-| "Hello, it was good of you to come. We have not had much time to talk recently."

Karuna: "This is true, and I wish that the circumstances which brought me here now to seek your council were more pleasant."

Nina: "Whatever is on your mind?"

Karuna: "I am not sure if you have heard, but Ceara and Carrigan were recently ousted from FK. They have come to me in order to seek shelter in my guild. I tried speaking with Val to resolve the matter but he is fervently against allowing either of them back into the alliance. I trust your opinion and would like to know what you make of all this."

Nina: "Yes, Val sent a courier here to let me know of Ceara's treachery and that she had been cast out. It is simple -- don't let them in."

Karuna: "But don't you think that they deserve a second chance?"

Nina: "Karuna, it is not for you or I to decide. Let it stay between them and Val. Besides, if you were to let them in it would go against the rules of this alliance which we have all worked so hard for."

Karuna: "I suppose that you are right. The whole thing was so unexpected. Ceara seems to be taking it very hard and my initial reaction was that I wanted to try and help her. Perhaps I got a bit carried away."

Nina: "Ceara had a choice. She could be loyal to Val or not. She has no one else to blame but herself."

Karuna: "Yes, but to toss them both out so suddenly . . "

Nina: "Don't let it worry you so much and do what you think is right. We formed this alliance with an understanding that we would all support each other. Sometimes that means that we do not interfere."

Karuna: "I think that you are right actually . . . Nina, thank you for being here. Your words have helped me. I should go back to my hall now and make my decision."
Nina: "I am always here for you, all you have to do is call."

Scene III
Karuna returns to the halls of the Everlasting Sacred Path, searching for Ceara and Carrigan so that he may inform them of his decision

Riff The Everlasting: "I find it quite curious how bookahs are so influenced by their feelings. It is like an equation for disaster that has no known ceiling. I try to understand (and I am quite smart mind you) I really do, but it seems you humans tend to go by what you think is right rather than by what is true."

Sir J: "Karuna! You are back!"

Karuna: "Yes, I needed some time to think things over, and to consult with Val and Nina."

Sir J: "Oh, that is good. How is Nina? Ceara actually left not long after you did, but now Astalith is here and looking for you."

Karuna: "Nina is fine, and where did Ceara go? I thought that she and Carrigan were going to stay here until things were settled."

Sir J: "I am not sure, but look, here comes Astalith now!"

Astalith: "Karuna, we must speak at once about this outrage!"

Karuna: "Hello m'lady, I am eager to speak to you but lets not shout about this in public."

Astalith: |-kneeling-| "Of course m'lord, forgive me, but there has been a great injustice done, and my heart is breaking for poor Ceara. I only want for us to help her so that we may right this wrong."

Karuna: "Sir J, excuse us for a moment please. I feel that Astalith and I should take this up in private somewhere."

Sir J: "Of course! I shall be here if you need me."

|-Karuna and Astalith retreat to a private room with in the ESP Council Chambers-|

Karuna: "So tell me what is on your mind. I assume that you are aware of what all has happened?"

Astalith: "Aware? She came to me, crying . . begging me to help. She is a good person, and she has a good heart. She did not deserve this sort of treatment!"

Karuna: "So Ceara is at your guild hall now? I was hoping that she would wait here untilI returned."

Astalith: "Yes, we are good friends as you know. She is very strong, but also such a tender girl. It broke my heart to see her like that, begging for my support . . . Val has insulted her and treated her very unfairly."

Karuna: "I know that she is your dear friend, but I am not sure if it is fair for us to interfere here . . . "

Astalith: "Interfere?! Interfere? Forgive me m'lord . . . I am upset right now and I do not mean to yell at you. However, trust me, I know that Ceara is purely innocent in all of this and I am very upset with Val at the moment. He has made every effort to soil her reputation and the strain placed upon her has been great. She speaks to me all the time you see . . . I know things that nobody else knows. If only you knew the sort of things that he did to her . . . "

Karuna: "What sort of things?"

Astalith: "Please, don't make me tell you. I don't want to break her trust. Just believe me that Val treated her like a piece of property and never cared about her. We must help her. It is unjust to do otherwise."

Karuna: "I don't know about all of this. We could potentially be looking at the end of this alliance if I allow Ceara and Carrigan to join us."

Astalith: "Is an unjust alliance one that is even worth keeping? Is it ok to treat someone like a piece of meat and then toss them aside once you have had your fill? We have to stand for something . . . we have to support our friends and do what is right for them. I saw my best friend cry today for the first time since the searing back in Ascalon. I will not stand back and let her suffer alone. I must depart now m'lord, however I shall inform Ceara that you have a decision to give her, and will advise her to come back here to your hall and await your word."

Karuna: "Yes, do send her. It is time for us to make a choice."

|-Astalith departs, and then after some time Ceara returns, accompanied by Carrigan-|

Ceara: |-droping down to one knee-| "M'lord, so good to see you once again. Please excuse my absence."

Karuna: "Don't let it worry you, you have gone through enough already."

Ceara: "M'lord, I was told that you had a decision for us. I rushed back here as soon as I could, eagerly awaiting your word."

Karuna: "Yes, I do. I want you to know that I had to give careful consideration to this matter and what I am about to say carries the full weight of my conviction."

Ceara: |-nodding her head and looking down towards the ground-| "Of course m'lord, I would expect nothing less from you."

Karuna: "And therefore, Ceara, and Carrigan . . . it would be a great honor to me to welcome you both as new members to the Everlasting Sacred Path."

. . . to be continued

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