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A Guild Wars Soap Opera Part IV

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Scene I
Ceara and Carrigan quickly acclimate themselves to their new home and seem to find peace. Things seem to be drifting back to normal in the Alliance until there an emergency summons is received to attend a meeting of the Alliance Leadership. Karuna and Sir J make the journey to the FK Guild Hall where they are met by Astalith at the entrance gate.

Riff the New Age Poet: "You bookahs probably think you know what is coming but trust me your brains can only pick up about half. I've deduced the outcome through equations and now I get to just sit back and laugh. All of which brings me to a new idea -- a better writing style. A new age poetry consisting of mathematical expressions where I can truly show off my guile!"

Astalith: "Karuna! Oh, Sir J! Thank the gods that you are here, I had to restrain myself from going in alone. i would end up torching the entire place! Someone needs to hold me back . . . Sir J, hold me back. I can't believe all this is happening. What an atrocity. First they humiliate Ceara and now this!"

Karuna: "I only received word of a summons. What is going on?"

Astalith: "Sir J, you will hold me right? Karuna, haven't you figured it out already? They want to push us out, excommunicate, banish, destroy all that we have built upon, BOOM! No more alliance!"

Sir J: |--slowly backing up behind Karuna--| "Oh, lets calm ourselves. They decided to call together a meeting, so that means we are going to talk this all over."

Karuna: "I agree. Lets not jump to conclusions here. I have known Val and Nina for a while now and I don't think they would react so rashly. Come, I want to talk to them and see what they have to say."

Astalith: "Fine! But I am telling you. You may think you know Val but I can see right through him! And Nina is just his little minion! I am telling you, hold me back else I will give them both a tongue lashing that they shall never forget."

Sir J: "Listen to us. Nina has always been extremely welcoming and diplomatic and Val too. It won't help matters if we rush in and act all upset. Take a few deep breaths and then lets go see what is the matter."

Astalith: "Alright, you are right . . . |--pauses to take a few deep breaths as instructed--| you are right. Sir J, you always have the most . . . calming effect upon me. You are a true angel . . . . and a benefit to this Alliance . . . and wonderful, you know. Ok, I think I am better now. Thank you. I am ready to go in."

|--the three walk together past the guard post and are ushered into the inner court of the FK Guild Hall and the meeting chamber where Val and Nina are awaiting them--|

Val: "Hello. Sit down for a moment."

Sir J: "Hello Val! Nina! So good to see you again."

|--Nina nods demurely. The three take their places at the table. Astalith fidgets, obviously already struggling to hold herself back--|

Karuna: "I think I have some idea of what this is all about and I am glad that we are getting the chance to talk this over together. Val, perhaps you should start off."

Val: "Oh, there is nothing to talk about really."

Karuna: "What? Nothing? Then why call this meeting?"

Nina: "ESP and The Holy Champions are to both be removed from the Alliance at once."

Astalith: "I knew it! I knew it!"

Karuna: "Surely we can talk this over. It seems that we have accomplished too much together for you to want to end it all now."

Val: "It is not I who am ending this. It is you who did so by your actions. You and this . . . masked-lady cohort who calls herself a guild leader have brought a taint upon this alliance and the only solution now is to sever all ties. I told you not to allow solace to Ceara and Carrigan and you did so anyway. A slap in the face! I will not tolerate such actions."

Karuna: "I understand that you . . . "

Val: "No, you do not understand. If you understood then you would have heeded my advice. It is too late now."

Karuna: "Nina. Is this really what you want?"

Nina: "You broke the rules of the Alliance Karuna . . . I am sorry."

Astalith: "This is a complete outrage!"

Karuna: "No, let us go then. There is nothing to be accomplished by causing a fuss.
Goodbye then Val. Goodbye Nina."

Nina: "Goodbye Karuna."

Val: "Looser . . . "

Sir J: "Goodbye Val! Nina, I hope that we can meet again and talk sometime. It was always a pleasure!"

Astalith: "Hmph! Better off without you!"

|--Astalith, Karuna, and Sir J take their leave of the FK Hall and pause together for a moment outside the gate to collect themselves--|

Sir J: "That was certainly sudden, but at least it is all over now."

Astalith: "I told you Sir J. I knew this would happen. Val is a snake. What will we do now?"

Karuna: "Now . . . we move on. Sir J is right, it is over now and it is time for us to collect ourselves and make our own plan. The alliance between ESP and the Holy Champions is still secure and we can build up from that."

Astalith: "Yes! I am with you always. You know that you can trust me. I will go and alert my champions of the changes and of our bright future together with our leadership that does not include any people like Val and Nina!"

Karuna: "We should get back also. Everyone is going to want to know what has happened and I should let them know as soon as possible."

Astalith: "You are such noble lords, Karuna and Sir J. Let us meet soon after this so we can put together our new plan. I am aroused by the idea of what we shall all accomplish together. We shall meet again soon fair travelers!"

Sir J: "Did she say 'aroused'?"

Karuna: "She is excitable at times, but she is a strong ally that we can trust in."

Sir J: "Yes, quite the character! What will you say to Ceara and Carrigan?"

Karuna: "The same as I will say to everyone else. I don't wan them to feel like this is their fault. I made the decision and they are with us now. Outside of this stir that all this has created they have been nothing but a benefit to us. Lets head back now. I don't want to leave our guild members hanging for too long."

Scene II
The Alliance between ESP and Holy Champions of Justice remains intact and peace returns to the realm as everyone settles back into their normal activities. Then, one night, a mysterious courier arrives, delivering a message to certain members of the ESP Guild.

Riff: "I'll keep my introduction short this time so you can bring your brains into focus. We are at the part of our story where it will be hard for humans to tell what is true and what is bogus. Do some mental excercises and rethink over all this at least twice. If that doesn't work then maybe later I will try to spell it all out for you if I am feeling nice."

Sir J: "Karuna! There is something that I need to talk to you about right away!"

Karuna: "What is it?"

Sir J: "Did you receive a strange letter this morning?"

Karuna: "No. I have not recieved anything at all today. What is the matter?"

Sir J: "A messenger came last night to deliver this letter to me. I have done some asking around and I found that the same message was delivered to all of the other guild officers also -- all except for you it seems. It shows the sender as 'Val, Friend of ESP'"

Karuna: "Whatever could he possibly want?"

Sir J: "It starts off 'Dear Sir J, ESP is truly a great guild and it is such a shame to see the lies and deception within your ranks. As your good friend, I must inform you that . . . .' well here, perhaps you should read it for yourself."

|--Sir J hands the letter over to Karuna, who reads it and then pauses for a moment in disbelief--|

Karuna: "Has he gone mad?"

Sir J: "He personally addressed the same message to each one of us. People are confused by it, needless to day."

Karuna: "Is Ceara currently in the hall?"

Sir J: "Yes, she is here today. Earlier I saw her and Carrigan together down by the docks, although I did not mention any of this to them of course."

Karuna: "Alright, good. If you can, go assemble the other officers and let them know that I will be with them shortly to discuss this. Also, let Ceara know that I need to speak with her. It seems like Val is just being a poor sport and trying to cause dissent."

Sir J: "Yes, that was my first thought as well, although . . . well, lets talk it over later. Just when things start to calm down it seems like something else pops up!"

Karuna: "Agreed. I thought that we had already put all this to rest. As silly and petty as this all is, I still fee like I should speak to Ceara about it. I'll come talk to you after I have met with her.

Sir J: "Ok!"

Scene III
Ceara is summoned to the inner council chambers where Karuna is waiting for her.

Riff Again: "Now we have a 'mystery' though Asurans seldom use that term. Everything we either know or were too busy to bother to learn. Fortunate for you I am here to guide you through this mess. There is much yet that we have to see before this matter is put to rest."

Ceara: "M'lord. I am so happy to see that you are well today."

Karuna: "Thank you. And you as well. Please have a seat."

Ceara: "How can I be of service to you?"

Karuna: "This is all going to sound rather awkward, but something has happened and I felt that you should be aware of it. Unfortunately, Val seems to still be trying to drag your name around in the dirt."

Ceara: "M'lord, his words matter not to me. I am happy here. You have been so wonderful to me and I owe you so much. Everything with Val is in the past now."

Karuna: "I thought so as well, but . . . he dispatched a letter recently which was sent to all of the guild officers here. In it he claims . . . well . . in it, he has compiled all of this supposed evidence that is supposed to prove . . . "

Ceara: "To prove what m'lord?"

Karuna: "Well, all of this information is supposed to prove that you and Astalith are actually the same person. There is a lot here. He has either bene going through great lengths to try and spy upon you or else is being very creative."

Ceara: "That would be impossible. Astalith is my best friend. She has also been very good to me ever since we met back shortly after the Searing."

Karuna: "Yes, I know, but the fact that he is making such a great effort to defame you . . and Astalith both . . I simply thought that you should be informed."

Ceara: "I thank you dearly for being considerate of me, and I am sorry if I have caused any trouble."

Karuna: "No, this is Val and not you that is trying to stir up trouble. Honestly I do not anticipate any real damage from this. The Forgotten Knights parted ways with us and it should have been a clean break. Most people here have already moved on from all that business."

Ceara: "I understand m'lord."

Karuna: "I would advise you to be careful though. Some of this personal information that he has included about you, in attempting to link you to Astalith, seems very accurate. I would say that he has not gotten over you. I should probably talk to Astalith about this as well."

Ceara: "I would be happy to let her know for you m'lord. Why, I am due for a visit to see her on the 'morrow and I can inform her of what you have told me."

Karuna: "That is fine, however I think I should still talk to her myself as well."

Ceara: "As you wish m'lord."

Karuna: "Thank you for meeting with me. I will let you know if anything else comes up. However, my hope is that we can settle this matter and be done with it. If you will excuse me now, I should go talk to the guild officers. All of them received this same letter and it has generated some alarm."

Ceara: "Of course, and thank you again for letting me know. It makes me feel very safe to know that you are watching out for me. I will be careful and fare thee well."

|--Ceara takes her leave and Karuna meets with Sir J in preparation for talking to the guild leadership--|

Karuna: "I thought the talk with Ceara went well. She confirmed that it was all a hoax. Although, I do stil want to talk to Astalith as well."

Sir J: "Perhaps we could get the two of them together? That would show right away to everyone that Val is just playing the part of a bully."

Karuna: "That is an excellent idea. I will see what I can arrange. For now, lets go settle everyone down and get back to normal again."

Sir J: "Yes, and a few rounds of vodka after this to aid in the recovery!"

. . . to be continued

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