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Guild Wars Soap Opera Epilogue II

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**This post is appended onto the end of A Guild Wars Soap Opera, The Final Act**

"Wow I thought you cared more for me as a friend to do this. You know the truth has come out about the Holy Champions?"

Nina: "Yes."

Val: "Did you know that Karuna tried to hush it up?"

Nina: "I don't know, nor do I care any more really."

Val: "So have you talked to your members about this?"

Nina: "Yes, of course."

Val: "None of us wanted to let go of ESP. "Are you aware that I was adventuring with some ESP members just the other day?"

Nina: "No Val. I dont keep tack of your whereabouts."

Val: |- sighing -| "Will you not even try to mend this?"

Nina: "I dont think it is mendable, truly."

Val: "Why? What's been said?"

Nina: "Well, ESP would not want to reconcile I know that."

Val: "Karuna you mean."

Nina: "DaRc Members as a whole are closer to ESP. I went against their votes and choose FK over ESP when i should have went with the majority vote. Instead I did what was right rather than what my heart wanted. I need to do what is best for my people Val."

Val: "You know that Karuna knew all about this and kept it from his officers?"

Nina: Val, I truly do not know."

Val: "So you want to end our friendship then?"

Nina: "I never said that!"

Val: "Actions are so much more than words."

Nina: "Translate it however you wish, but that is not why I am here."

Val: "So you are going to let ONE person destroy our freindship?"

Nina: "I am not letting anything destroy our friendship. The alliance will end, but who says we can not be friends?"

Val: "I have ben always there for you."

Nina: "When we gave ESP the boot, they all graciously accepted their fate and gave me hugs on their way out, bless their hearts. And I have always been there for you too -- even when I did not agree, even when I thought you were off your rocker."

Val: "Off my rocker? You think its fun to have the same person pretending to be two people?"

Nina: "Yes. RP relationship after relationship, marriage after marriage; calling me your sister when you once called me your wife. And, about being in two guilds, I don't know. I was not apart of that, and I severed my ties with the Holy Champions a long time ago."

Val: "I only did that to make YOU happy!"

Nina: Well, I appreciate the gesture, but you know that I am strong and happy."

Val: "And heartless . . . "

Nina: "Ouch. Thanks."

Val: "The truth hurts."

Nina: "Goodbye Val."

Val: "So long. It has been a pleasure knowing you, and all the members of DaRc."

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  1. Brega's Avatar
    Well I finally got around to reading about this whole sordid affair, and I'm at something of a loss as to what to say. Guild Wars is a game, you play it to have fun, and it seems that umm "Val" forgot that.


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