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Fractured Fairy Tale

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We had to take a fairy tale we know of (my favorite is Rumpelstiltskin..scared some kids when doing an oral recitation of it for speech class xp) This fairy tale, however, had to be from a different view than what is most common. This was also "free verse" meaning there is no set form.

Her also living a Hell

Put a smile on my face.

She cannot live with herself

knowing she promised her first born away.

Her innocence at first had me fooled,

But she has proven there is no one good past infancy.

Maybe that is why I hate her so much now.

We both had different plans of deceit.

But, how. . . how did she find out my name?

What demon told her?

Never trade with the devil, for he will always win.

I could not give him a pure life for my own immortal.

I look into the hole;

That pit that will bury its slave.

My vision is leaving as smoke takes me

I am a ghost now rattling, every move sounding in agony and disgust

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