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Break Free

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Open your eyes

Look deep inside

Your heart is healthier

Than anyone can tell.

Shut up in a closet

A cave, a dungeon,

Hidden from the world,

Your gift is not known.

You have a power,

A promise, a soul wrenching,

Mystifying, seed inside you.

Get out of your tower.

Go down your hair.

Escape the clutch of evil,

Those who keep you locked away.

Slay your dragons!

Slay your opponents!

No one can stop you

Once you embrace

Your heartís own beat.

Let the drum keep pounding.

Let your voice be known.

Your mind is magnificent,

But if you keep your thoughts

Locked, who will know?

This poem had to be 20-40 lines long, no specific form, and inspired by the subject "something I have never told anyone before". This had soooo many different ideas. It did not have to be real (though I like to do that so I have emotion in it), so my mind went places. Some of the different topics was, coffee-holic with the scent, flavor, and feel of coffee being, being deaf, being a mute, being a mime, and eloping/wanting to elope. I had ended on Eloping and went to write it this morning.. after the first 2 line, this (above) came out instead. I'm like .... ok that works.

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