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Passing Silence

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Accept and move on
to lead by example.
Think before
you speak your thoughts.
Trust Yourself.
Think before
you ruin a chance.
Keep peace;
yours and theirs.
Think before
you express emotion.
Stay respectful.
Spend precious time
in deep speculation.
Reflect; do not
neglect your life
and responsibilities.
Be the strong shadow.

This assignment was to write an accentual poem, the same number of accented words in a line. I tried going with 2 in a line, but I know a line or two have three. The theme/topic was "your final words". At the time that I wrote this, it was a dark weekend where I found out I'm talking too much. I usually stay silent (if you met me offline you'd be in shock how little I talk),and I grew too comfortable opposing people and questioning authority. That slap-in-the-face weekend told me to learn my place again which is where I love to be actually, in the shadows. I do a lot of thinking. My final words would not be words, but to lead by example to stay silent; keep thinking before doing anything.

If you were to meet me offline, I'm told I give a "are you stupid" or "deer in the headlights only my stare is the headlight" look to people. I turn off my emotions quite frequently offline and keep silent doing what I'm told.

Each phrase is something I think each person should do. "Think before you express emotion" is something that many people should learn to do, myself included still. Anger is a trigger for most to react impulsively. For me, however, the more I think about it the more mad I get. It's usually better I address something the moment I turn mad or else I'll stew over it too long. My first thoughts are usually my brain nerves racing around like "SHE (because it's usually a female pissing me off) DID W H A T?!?!!?!?" and no time to gather other past information to add to what happened. Which, is why it's better to find the person and chew them out then rather then later when I've thought about it more ^_^

I first wrote this with the "think before" and the line after and all the 3rd thoughts at the end. It seemed out of place, but I did not want to cut them. I counted how many and matched them with each "think before". I decided this semester all my titles would be punny due to the topic we're given to write about and then what I actually write about. "Dropping A Bomb" was about an atomic bomb, "A bomb". If anyone has been dumped before, it's like a bomb which are the feelings I wrote of in that poem. This poem, "Passing Silence", I debated between that and "Passing On Silence" as "passing" or "passing on" is a phrase used for death. Silence is what I wish to pass then.

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