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Something Historical This Way Comes

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Hi! I'm Timothy, but you may know me better as Firey. And the questions begin, mostly, why Firey? Well, pull up a chair, get a drink of your choice, and let me recount to you all how I got the name and ended up here in ESP. Because how else am I going to kill time waiting for Tequatl?

The story begins years ago in a magical place called Northern Colorado and a town called Fort Collins. It was the end of January 2006, and one day, I was looking through the computer games at a place called Circuit City where I happened to locate a copy of Guild Wars Prophecies. And it interested me, not just because it had no subscription fee (and when you're a high school sophomore, those are beneficial), but because it promised a play your own way mentality. So we get the game, install it, and I make a boneheaded move of making my first character a monk. He lasted one week before he went down the drain.

I could have stopped there. But I was determined to make progress no matter what. And learning from that mistake, my first character that lasted longer than a proverbial drop in the bucket was a warrior. Go figure. Lt L Smash traveled far and wide throughout Tyria. He even witnessed the famous Thunderhead Keep monk strikes. This was back in the day when not having a human monk or two was not wise.

Soon enough, Factions came and by the time the first Dragon Festival came around, I had made an elementalist called Firey Deadly Nuker. Back then, she had one purpose: hold onto hats or materials, and then get deleted. This was a process that repeated ad nauseum. This is also a good time to mention that the guild I was in at the time was small. Like it wasn't uncommon if I was the only person on at the time. Even with recruiting efforts on MY end, it usually ended up with people leaving or not playing.

Fast forward a few months to when the first Canthan New Year rolled around. Another Firey Deadly Nuker was made, but this time, a thing popped in my head that said, 'Keep her this time. You may actually like playing as an elementalist!' I followed that, and before long, she became my main character that did pretty much everything in game. It was also around this time that I joined the mega-guild known as LaZy. I'm not going to attack anyone or say it was the world's best decision, but I made a couple of friends there, and when we tired of the scene, two members who were in love with each other in real life and myself left and made our own guild.

After a couple of months though, I realized I needed interaction. I needed to fight alongside others, so I left and pretty much went solo on my own. I also took a break from the game from July 2008 to April 2009, simply because I was going through a move at the time, and I just forgot about the game. But before long, I was back in the swing of things.

My first day back, I saw an advertisement for a guild called Desolation Lords, which promised help with title hunting. I had minimal accomplishments back then, so I naturally signed on. Before long though, they, and the alliance switched to the whole speed clear swing, but I was always around in the alliance in one guild or another. After all, they needed a regular PvE expert. One of my greatest accomplishments was writing a massive vanquishing guide for all campaigns, which people used. Oh, and a couple of the members here today, I also first met them back then.

So when a concrete release date for Guild Wars 2 was given, I was in Mirror of Reason (SNOW). And the plan for launch was to be on the Northern Shiverpeaks server. And I did as such when I got my copy a week after release. In hindsight, it probably wasn't the wisest decision, as NSP isn't a PvE or WvW hot zone. But until June of 2013, it was my home, and I would strike bonds with people near and far. We even had a nightly temple farm at reset that ran everyday, so top that!

Rob (Van Dryen) had at some point when Union Farming in Malchor's Leap was popular left SNOW and joined a guild called ESP, but at that point, I was still convinced in my mind to stay where I was. Then my friends from SNOW made the transfer over one by one, and soon enough, I decided to make the proverbial jump over to a new guild and a new server. For the Toast! And looking back, I haven't regretted that decision one bit, even if I unrep from time to time to get some roleplaying relaxation in. (I still represent you all majorly, so don't shout at me, sheesh!)

And well, to commemorate my main character from Guild Wars 1, my account name, and an elementalist in Guild Wars 2 share the Firey Deadly Nuker name. Because why not.

I think that's it. It's fifteen minutes until Tequatl lands, so if you have any additional questions, feel free to ask. I don't bite. Missy can attest to that.

Warm regards,


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    I attest to bites occurring. >.>


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