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...of Panera Bread

Karuna didn't want to get up so I'm out by myself . . . I really hate eating alone because I've literally never had to do that. Someone was always there. Usually, I will order pick up and eat in the car or bring it home. Today I brought my laptop to 'blend in' instead of obvious people watching.
So many people are on their phones or wearing hats. I am not one of those that is like "Oh my gosh technology will ruin people's lives, talk to people dont text people!". I love technology; my career path is based in technology. There needs to be a balance though. If you're with someone, you should talk to them, especially if they are not on their phone either. If both are on their phones, whats the harm? It's a balance of activity and manners.
There are, quite literally, at least 60 people in here. Everyone that I've seen has been on their phone at one point or another. This lady about three tables over is upset that her phone is loading slow. 60 people on one network means the network is going to be extremely slow! I doubt Panera invested in a fast speed internet as well. I wonder if they're customers of where I work . . . will need to look Monday.
Oh Gawsh. A family with children just sat down in the 'lounge' area to eat, right next to me. The youngest won't stop saying 'daaa daaa daaa daaa' over and over. I hope their food comes fast, or that I eat faster.

Why am I out today? I threw out half my clothes. I'm pretty sure one of the bags was the wrong pile too . . . But, most of my clothes I had I've had since high school, some, junior high. Yes, I was 5'10" in junior high. Anyways, in furthering my adventure into this adult life, I figured it was time for a change of wardrobe. However, as I'm losing weight, I'll just need to get new clothes in about a year again. Today, my maximum is $200. Gift cards from my birthday and credit cards for the win! I actually really miss the pants I had for being a security guard in Kansas City. I had to give them back when I left because the company bought my uniform for me. I'm hoping Kohls still has them! I also threw out my dress shoes. They were getting scuffed and the bottoms coming out. I had two of those since JH too, and the boots I've had for 2 years but wore everywhere.

So people watching; church just got out about the time I arrived. Now all the elder couples and groups of friends are coming in. They all look very nice in their dresses and dress shirts. The hair style is about the same though which I find interesting; short with curls or up in a bun on top of their head. Why don't older people have long hair? Does it fall out or is it too much of a hassle? Does range of motion get so limited brushing out long hair is hard?

Oh my gosh the children are coughing now. Their mother said to turn their heads and they turned towards me. That is disgusting. Cover your mouths!

It's also noteworthy that most of the drinks people have around me are either water or some sort of flavored tea. I, I have a frozen mocha. I'll regret it later, but I love it now!

And now it's crying. I have threeish more bites. Logging off o/

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  1. Lanthun's Avatar
    A bit late, but would love to comment still!

    Don't get me (or you) wrong, technology has made society more advanced than what it was even 5 years ago. Everything is, and continues to, evolve in the technological world and everything within. I think there is a lack of face-to-face socialization anymore (guilty as charged, though). I even have a little backstory on this: when living with my parents, I could be in one room, and they in another. Instead of calling for me, they would call/text my phone and tell me what they wanted. I think it's a bit depressing it's came down to that, but it has its perks as well.

    I struggle with you as well; all throughout high school, I would skip lunch if I did not have anyone to sit with and talk too; I still do that to this day! It shouldn't be uncomfortable to us, but it sadly is. [I]I get the tendency to just start looking all around the room and staring at people, so at least you were smart to bring a laptop!!![/I]


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