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    ESP Ranks Defined

    Below is the list of Everlasting Sacred Path leadership. It comes with their ranks, their display names and their most recently updated list of characters.
    If you ever need to contact anyone in the leadership, you can use this thread as it keeps getting updated on a regular basis. Don't be shy. If you have any questions, if you want to report a problem, if you're looking to join the guild and want your application reviewed, if you simply want to chit chat or for any other reason, feel free to contact us.
    Definition: In our community, the term "leadership" refers to the group of leaders and officers, not to be mistaken with the term "leader" which is the top most rank in the guild.

    Karuna.1357: (Founder) Puceawhumpaplatypus
    This rank belongs to the founder of the guild who approved the council and acts as a 4th co-leader.

    Burjis.3087: Burjis
    DragoTheWise.7256: Sharak Iskar
    Missy.6803: ScornedSiren
    Guild Organizers; filling a co leadership role

    JoPo.9028: Lily Chrysanthemum
    Snipe Evon.8549: Snipe Evon
    The Deviant One.9278: Lady Airyanna
    TheBladeRoden.4571: TheBladeRoden
    Trisscar.7206: Krioni
    Hepatitis.5034: Hepatitis
    This rank is the "fingers" of the leadership. They can handle situations as well at their discretion and lead activities throughout the week.

    For either of these three ranks above: problems, suggestions, concern, complaints, compliments, ideas, afk notices, anything can be brought to them if you have something pertaining the guild. We will not be mad, and will listen to every word you have to say.


    ESP is involved in every aspect of the game. One of these is WvW which entails a unique characteristic the rest of the game doesn't (you'll have to go in and play it to find out what it is). There are Commander tags that was originated for WvW so people know where their leader on the map is. ESP has created this rank for those who have proven their WvW knowledge and can lead us on our WvW events and other militia on the map effectively.

    Crustydog.9825: Crustydog
    Fluffystargaze.6834: Goodfornothin
    Kai.8306:Issa No Kai
    With the Guild Hall comes a scribe to craft decorations and upgrades. Our two main guild scribes are Crustydog and Drago. Crusty is given this rank and anyone else who gets to 400 scribe to know who to go to for material donation or to ask about making something.

    Guild Helper:
    This is a rank not necessarily for long standing members, but interactive members. These people, on their own, are active in guild events, get parties going, and can be pointed to for questions. You must stay interactive to keep this rank as it will be removed if you go silent or afk over a period of time.

    After proving your activity and having a want to be in the guild to the leadership, you will be promoted to Member.

    Little Buddy:
    When a person first is invited to Everlasting Sacred Path [ESP], the immediate rank is Little Buddy that will last for one (1) month. This is because we have a Buddy System

    Lost Bunneh:
    This is the "bad list" rank. Whether inactive, not repping, or something outrageous happened within the guild, if you are turned to this rank then there is something that needs fixed.

    Platypus Fiesta:
    This is the "AFK" rank. It doesn't mean you're afk in the game, but rather from the game. If you are on vacation, moving, deployment, pregnancy leave where you don't want to move, anything that will be longer than 2 weeks away from the game, please post here. You will be changed to the this rank and if any "cleaning" is done in the guild for inactivity, you are safe from being kicked.
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