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    The Little Buddy Guide (Guide to the Buddy system for Little Buddies)

    Welcome to the Little Buddy Guide

    Why a Buddy system?
    Everlasting Sacred Path has been a highly social community throughout its relatively long life. We place the social aspects of our guild above everything else and this has probably been one of our keys to success.
    We value the quality of our community over the quantity of its members and we always strive to uphold the friendly and social status of the guild by trying to form bonds of friendship between its members.
    As such, we have a buddy system in place that allows new members to familiarize themselves with the guild in a more friendly manner and get the help they need to blend in with our fun and outgoing society. The system also allows us to make sure that the new members and our guild can be a good complement for each other. Not only do we try to make sure if the new addition to the guild can positively match with the atmosphere of the guild but also strive hard to make these players feel at home and feel that they are in the right place.

    How does the Buddy system work?
    As you join the guild, you will be given the rank of "Little Buddy" and shortly there after, you will be assigned to a "Big Buddy" in the guild. This certainly doesn't mean that you're little nor does it mean that your big buddy is more experienced in the game than you are but they have probably been in the guild longer than you and may know more about the atmosphere of the guild.
    Before joining the guild, we strongly suggest that you specify your activity times, your timezone, the type of contents you play the most and your preferred method of interaction (voice, chat, etc) in your application or send that info to someone in the leadership. This data helps us assign a Big Buddy to you that best matches your play times and interests.

    What's the role of a Big Buddy?
    Your Big Buddy's main task is to help you get acquainted with the rest of the guild but it doesn't end here. Your Big Buddy can help you with various contents and can answer different questions that you might have about the guild, our events and the different activities we do.

    In return, your Big Buddy is the main person to vouch whether you fit well with the guild and can pass the requirements for becoming a full member. This doesn't mean that your Big Buddy is the only person that you should consider socializing with as we encourage people to acquaint themselves with as many people in the guild as they can due to the social nature of our group, but you can consider your Big Buddy the first person you can go to when you need help.
    If you feel that the Big Buddy assigned to you doesn't cover these expectations or doesn't match your playing time, let the leadership know and we'll try our best to assign you a Big Buddy that can match you better.

    Things to consider as a Little Buddy
    The process of promoting a Little Buddy to Member usually takes about a month (since they are assigned a Big Buddy). In addition to the various things you can expect from your Big Buddy (and certainly from the guild as a whole), there are a few things that we expect from you:

    • You are joining an active guild, so the best way to meld with the guild is to be outgoing and active. Leveraging our guild chat, our forums and teamspeak and participating in our guild activities and events help you a lot in regard to getting yourself known to the guild.
    • Try not to limit yourself to a handful of friends and a small group of people in the guild. Try to reach out. We discourage forming friendship islands. Your Big Buddy can help you expand your circle of friends within the guild. That's the main reason why we avoid assigning already-friends to each other as little/big buddies.
    • Adhere to ESP's rules and charter.
    • These suggestions aren't just for you and other little buddies. It's something that applies to every member and even people in the leadership, in fact, it's harsher for those in the leadership. So it is expected of you to carry over these little hints onto the next phase of your membership.

    So your month of being a little buddy is over. Then what?
    You will become a member if enough people can vouch for you, although your Big Buddy's words will have a high weight in that regard. If after a month, you feel you like the community, it most likely means that we also feel the same way about you
    After you become a member, you can actually apply for the system and become a Big Buddy yourself and help the new arrivals in the same way they helped you.
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