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    Please Read First Before Posting An Application

    First of all, thanks for your interest in Everlasting Sacred Path.
    Before you post an application, it's a good practice to first read Our Guild Rules and Charter and our Buddy System.
    We don't have any specific application template as we prefer people to be creative with how they introduce themselves so long as it stays within the boundaries of our general forum posting rules.
    The amount of information you want to give away in your application is up to you but we strongly suggest that you supply the following information:
    • Your in-game name to facilitate contact.
    • Since we are an 18+ guild, we need to know your age beforehand.
    • Your playing hours (preferably in US pacific time format).
    • The type of content you are most interested in.
    • Your preferred methods of interaction with other players (e.g. text chat, voice, forums, etc).

    Beside that, feel free to introduce yourself, your interest in the guild, your gaming experience and so on in whatever way you feel most comfortable.
    After you post an application, you can contact the people in the leadership, or wait for one of them to contact you.

    If you have already posted an application and need approval, if you have any questions or if you simply want to stalk the leadership , you can add us to your friend list and send us a whisper when we are online.

    Hope to see you in game
    Good Luck
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