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    Guild Insight 2: July 1-15

    News thread 2: July 1 – 15
    Thank you for reading the Guild Insight!


    Guild PvP Arena - ESPecially TCoasty STAR - No password

    New Members:

    Zarri, Frigido, Halgrim, Jaded, Mcshaggy, Lelouchee, & Ruumi!

    Event Highlights:

    • PvP Missions were done twice!
    • A 5 bounty mission was done by 8, yes 8, people!

    Member Highlights:

    LordCanti joined the Tarnished Coast ranks of commander in discord and teamspeak as he commands on an almost daily basis!
    (If you'd like any achievement or completed project mentioned, send to Missy!)

    Guild Wars 2 Tip:

    Pact Scout’s Mapping Materials! What are these? The icon looks like it’s a badge, but it’s materials apparently. “Double click to consume. Grants map bonus reward points for your current map when in Central Tyria.” Each map you go into has a reward, “By completing events, jumping puzzles, and mini-dungeons in a map, you’ll be periodically awarded with one of its associated bonuses in addition to the normal rewards.” These rewards range from tier 1 claws to charged lodestones. These materials, you must be in the map you want to receive the 200 map bonus points from.
    The Pact Scout’s Mapping Materials can be bought for 5,250 karma at a Pact Supply Network Agent. These agents are spread throughout the Maguuma Wastes, Maguuma Jungle, Ruins of Orr, Kryta, the Shiverpeaks, and Ascalon. You can find their location >>>here!<<<

    Health Tip:

    Core Health! Exercising your core area provides you with balance and stability, which is a necessity in everything we do from sports to daily activities. The core consists of the low back, abdominal muscles, hips and pelvis. When these muscles don’t work in harmony, the result can be an injury and/or pain in any of these areas, with the most common issues related to the low back. About two-thirds of Americans suffer from low back pain. Here are two easy exercises you can try to build your core strength.

    Pull your belly in! You can do this exercise anywhere, in any position. Try it while playing the game, at work, or standing in line somewhere.

    1. Pull in your belly towards your spine. Keep your spine neutral (not bent).
    2. Hold for about 6 seconds. Keep breathing normally.
    3. Rest for 10 seconds
    4. Repeat 8 to 12 times

    Floor Bridge! This bridging exercise works the muscles around your lower body and hips. WARNING If you experience discomfort or pain during this exercise, do not continue and talk to your doctor (the site had this warning..but it really shouldn’t hurt unless you’re twisting your body in a weird way while doing it).

    1. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Your knees should be bent about 90 degrees.
    2. Find your neutral spine position. You will hold it during the exercise.
    3. Tighten your belly muscles by pulling your belly button towards your spine.
    4. Push your heels into the floor, squeeze your buttocks, and lift your hips off the floor until your shoulders, hips, and knees are all in a straight line.
    5. Hold about 6 seconds. Breathe normally.
    6. Lower yourself slowly to the floor and rest for up to 10 seconds.
    7. Repeat 8-12 times.

    *Cited from Interactive Health Issue 77


    The rules for Trivia. Below there is a question to answer. You must inbox in game, inbox on the forums, Facebook message, or send a private message on Discord to Missy. If the answer is said publicly or in a moving chat (such as a whisper in game or Facebook comment), it will not be counted. Everyone who answers by next week’s posting will be put into a raffle for a 5 gold prize!
    Guild Insight 1's winner: Mala!

    Question: According to the Durmand Priory, every how many years do the dragons wake and consume everything in the world to reduce the level of magic before going back to sleep?

    Event Schedule:

    July 16 – Dungeons @ 2:30pm, Raid @ 7pm
    July 17 – PvEvening @ 6pm
    July 18 – WvW @ 6pm
    July 19 – Raid @ 7pm
    July 20 – PvP @ 7pm, Missions @ 8:30pm
    July 21 – WvW @ 7pm
    July 22 – Missions @ 5pm

    Screenshot Contest:

    The rules for the Screenshot Contest. Below there is a picture; it will switch between Tyria and the Heart of Thorn maps each news thread. Tyrian maps can include cities, Heart of the Mist, and World v World. Heart of Thorn maps can include Raid maps and the guild hall. You must find the spot in game and take a screenshot with your character in front of it. The angle must be similar. PLEASE Ctrl+shift+H to hide the mini map especially if you are the first one posting. To enter, please post the picture in this thread or send to Missy. 1st receives 5g, 2nd 3g, and 3rd 1g
    Guild Insight 1's winner: Vonabor - 1st, Ruumi - 2nd, Zarri - 3rd

    Screenshot to find:
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    OMG Missy! This is amazing. I can't imagine the amount of time and that has been put in this thing.

    And damn I used to be better at screenshot contests in GW1. GW2 has so many more areas.
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