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    Guild Insight 4: July 23 - 29

    News thread 4: July 23-29
    Thank you for reading the Guild Insight!


    We are looking to promote more officers! If you are interested or have questions, please message Missy, Drago, Burjis, or Karuna
    >>>Guild Meeting notes<<<
    Guild PvP Arena - ESPecially TCoasty STAR - No password

    Welcome New Members:

    ATGeorge, Nethare, WWWes

    Member Highlights:

    • Desheng/Eric finished all the new Tyrian Masteries!!

    (If you'd like any achievement or completed project mentioned, send to Missy!)

    Guild Wars 2 Tip:

    3 Ways 2 Dodges

    Dodging is very important to survive in every part of the game. It determines your character's life and death or ability to get away from danger in many situations. From the wiki, "Dodging is a movement technique used to evade incoming attacks by quickly moving out of the way. A dodge consumes 50 endurance and players have a maximum of 100 endurance. You dodge 300 units over 0.75 seconds and can dodge in any direction. This speed is fixed and doesn't change in combat like movement speed. If you are not moving, you will dodge backwards. Some mechanics prevent you from dodging, including being immobilized, immediately after being knocked back, or while under the effects of fear. In addition to its utility to avoiding attacks, several traits and some foods offer special benefits to characters after they dodge. "

    Ways to Dodge:
    1. Clicking on the upper section of the health orb (where the endurance bar is - the yellow bar above your health).
    2. Pressing the key that is bound to dodge (v by default).
    3. Double tapping any movement key, with the exception of swim up and down. This can be disabled in general settings.

    There is a special trick that goes with dodging; it is called the dodge jump. Dodge jump (or jump roll) will allow you to jump a distance not normally possible while you have aggro. This is accomplished by pressing dodge and jump at the same time. This can be particularly useful for jumping puzzles and PvP.

    Health Tip:

    Knee health! Several years ago I was getting my hairs cut, and before she started, the hairdresser asked if my ankles were crossed. I said yes, that's how I sit, and she said to uncross them. What many hairdressers and other people do not know is that just crossing your ankles will offset your spine posture to be crooked, so when you stand up, the hair cut will not be straight. The same applies to your knees. When you cross your ankles, look at your knees, are they crooked? twisting? Do they hurt when you uncross your ankles and straighten them? These questions can be asked if your knees are crossed or have one ankle on top of one knee.

    The best position for your knees when sitting is to be horizontal with your thighs or slightly higher than the hips. Your knees should be bent at a 90 degree angle whenever possible. Making sure your ankle is also facing forward is important to. Your ankle and knee are connected by one bone, the tibia (the smaller fibula in the back of the leg connects to the back of the tibia, not the knee). If you sit with your knees bent at 90 degrees, but your ankle twisted or pointing inward, you are twisting your tibia which twists in the hinge joint of the knee. Hinges move one way correctly, the rest is strain.

    Why are knees important? Well, being able to walk is a good reason. The knees take on some of the most weight second to your butt when sitting and your ankles. Even when you're sitting, your thighs take weight off of your butt and put pressure on your knees.

    Below is a picture of the bones in your leg as well as knee exercises and a link for more position suggestions. If you have exercise bands, those can be wrapped around your foot while doing these exercises and stretches to work out the muscle more.
    leg bones.jpgknee exercises.jpg


    The rules for Trivia. Below there is a question to answer. You must inbox in game, inbox on the forums, Facebook message, or send a private message on Discord to Missy. If the answer is said publicly or in a moving chat (such as a whisper in game or Facebook comment), it will not be counted. Everyone who answers by next week’s posting will be put into a raffle for a 5 gold prize!

    Question: What male character was introduced to us who is related to Borje, the Sun Chaser?

    Event Schedule:

    Sunday – Dungeons @ 2:30pm, Raid @ 7pm
    Monday – PvEvening @ 6pm
    Tuesday – WvW @ 6pm
    Wednesday – Raid @ 7pm
    Thursday – PvP @ 7pm, Missions @ 8:30pm
    Friday – WvW @ 7pm
    Saturday – Missions @ 5pm

    Screenshot Contest:

    The rules for the Screenshot Contest. Below there is a picture; it will switch between Tyria and the Heart of Thorn maps each news thread. Tyrian maps can include cities, Heart of the Mist, and World v World. Heart of Thorn maps can include Raid maps and the guild hall. You must find the spot in game and take a screenshot with your character in front of it. The angle must be similar. PLEASE Ctrl+shift+H to hide the mini map especially if you are the first one posting. To enter, please post the picture in this thread or send to Missy. 1st receives 5g, 2nd 3g, and 3rd 1g

    Screenshot to find:
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