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    Mysterious logout demon spotted! First post gone! what

    Oh, BBcode, it's been years. Ahem. Hi. My ingame name is Nicolai Arrenvassar.1269, and I'm hoping you'll consider me for admission into ESP. I've heard a lot of great things about this guild from my fiancee, and you all seem a lovely lot, so I thought I'd apply to join you.

    I'm 31 and a freelance comic artist and illustrator, and I keep strict work hours for myself during the week. My play time is around 6pmPST to ungodly hours of the morning, usually. I've done most of the content in the game, and while I'm new to raids I'm willing to learn and pick them up more. Generally, though, I'm down for anything in PVE.

    I've been in a few larger groups and guilds during my 3 years or so in the game, but most have fizzled out or disappeared. I am hoping that ESP could be different... though I see 12 years just passed, and that is amazing to see.

    Thanks for considering!

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