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    Solaxo's App

    Hi All,

    I came across your guild recruitment post on the new gw2 forums, and I would like to hangout with you all in game.

    Some basics:

    - Solaxo.7409
    - 39 (6 months to 40!)
    - Outside of Chicago so CST
    - I really love all aspects of the game. PVP/WvW/PVE
    - I enjoy all forums of communication from the guild and between members.

    I am laid back guy that really enjoys Guild Wars 2, and a good laugh. I have been playing it since launch along with other games, but for me personally GW2 has really changed their game modes for the better over the years. I have been hooked back in more on than off for years :P

    I grew up with video games as a hobby, and played Wow for a bit (while? :P) during the time I was also engaged and long distance for 2 years. Been married 11 years now, and life is good My wife doesn't play anything, but lets me enjoy my passions; so that is a huge bonus. I enjoy a good sunset, and got back into camping this past summer. I spent sometime doing martial arts throughout my 20s and 30s as well, but haven't picked it back up since we had a flurry of moves a few years back.

    I was most interested in your guild because it seemed to have an active fun community from the surface glance and that rocks!

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    Hey there Solaxo. You certainly sound like the type of person that would get along well here with our zany crew. Feel free to hit up anyone in leadership when you are online, and we'll be keeping an eye open for you.

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    Hey Solaxo!

    Just to let you know we haven't forgotten you. I've been trying to watch when you get on for an invite. What are your normal play times so that we can catch you? Thanks!



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