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    Old Vet returning ;) (PASH\PAWCOG)

    Hello there ESP. Bee a while wow 1, two years?. Well not much changed still charr and asura. oh.. Real life? I am still a French-Canadian, 35 now. Going to start college in Engineerign after saving money for 4 years. Took a big big hiatus when HoT hit and it wasn'T much to my liking and some other members left back then. PoF is looking great and I felt To get back into the mix. Tried with a new guild a friend recommended me but I jsut did not fit in well. So I wanted to go back to my Roots

    I miss Javey a bit boy is that a throwback lol
    Alright feel free to ask me anything
    - Matt

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    been 2 years, invite sent
    ~Missy, Scorned Siren Missy.6803



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