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    Norm's the name, Guild Wars 2 is the game.... :)

    Hello ESP!
    My name is Norm. I have been playing since Beta. This is only game I play. I am looking for a guild that actually does stuff together (more fun) & doesn't mind helping a toon out once in a while.....asI do not mind helping out either. In fact, I would rather help toons do what they gotta do than just farm.
    I live in Alaska (GM-9), so I am on a little later than most. I usually log on around 5:30 - 6:00 (AK time) during the week and anytime during the weekend / holidays.
    I would rather do anything else opposed to just farming, so if you need help or need a toon for a dungeon or fractal or whatever else, let me know.
    Currently, I have been playing my condi ranger and my trap guardian....even though I have all the professions.....those two are the furthest along.
    Thank you for your time and happy gaming!

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