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    Online Personal Training

    If you've talked to me about my past or family, you will know my family is very into medical and fitness areas of life. She knows how much I sit in a chair all day. . . . and asked me to share with people I trust online. My sister has graduated with a degree in Exercise Science and is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) to be a personal trainer and Exercise Physiologist. In 2018, she started her own website to continue her journey in personal training. The services offered are:
    • Private Personal Training
    • Online Personal Training
    • Partner Training
    • Improving General Fitness
    • Muscle and Strength Gain
    • Women's Fitness
    • Functional and Core Training
    • Weight Loss
    • Group Training

    Yeah, she's my sister. I'm going to support and advertise for her But I actually believe in what she does. She lives the lifestyle she helps others attain. Kelly isn't a body builder, but she is fit, realistic, and healthy. She follows her own nutritional advice, and wants to help others to accomplish this as well.

    This is her site:
    You can message her on the site, or send me a message and I will ask her for you. The prices are one time for a 6 week contract. International people can work with her too! I did ask her about how long the sessions are and how online personal training is done. It's after midnight there, so I'm sure I'll have a reply to post/edit in in the morning.

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    I share the similiar story, and luckily I, as well, have a sister who is a personal trainer as well! I give your sister the deepest gratitude, as it takes a lot of commitment! Best of luck to her.



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