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    I Like Seagulls, and Need a Guild!


    Elraim.5680 here (or Monas, among hundreds of other nicknames). I'm a 24 year old Midwestern microbiology/public health student that spends a lot of time making drinks for people on nights and weekends and looking at dead cell cultures during the day. I also play gw2 usually fairly late (9pm-2am CST) or early (anywhere from 8am-4pm) on my days off. I personally prefer text instead of speech but I'm open to it.

    I'm a hopeless PvE addict who really just needs to buck up and dive into WvW and PvP in order get rid of my performance anxiety. I'm an engineer main since the dawn of time, and until the day it gets nerfed into the ground I don't plan on changing. I have a couple longtime friends - basically family - in this guild and they seem to have tons of fun with you folks and I would love to become a part of all the excitement.

    Fun facts! My favorite species of gull is the kelp gull, I also play FFXIV and know an uncomfortable amount of things about rhythm games, prosthesis, stats, epidemics, and mixed drinks. I'm writing a book - look for it sometime in 2032 (maybe).

    Looking forward to being part of [ESP]!!

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    I saw a seagull grab the pizza right off a girl's plate while she was looking at her phone, throw it on the ground, and eat it right in front of her face.

    On that note, nice to meet you!

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    Welcome to ESP! You should never worry about how others see you play the game; enjoy how you play in your own way!

    Look forward to playing/meeting you!



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