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    Announcing Bloodshed! ESP's 2v2 Tournament April 22nd 2018

    The wait is over as we announce the second of our well received 2v2 PvP Tournament in Guild Wars 2: Bloodshed!
    Even though this is a PvP tournament, it's designed to be accessible to people of different skill level as high skill players will team up with lower skilled players to balance matches and ensure that everybody has an equal chance at winning in the tournament. If that's not motivation enough, at a minimum players will be rewarded for participation alone.
    Additionally, this event will include live commentary and the matches will be recorded and uploaded to our forums.
    Just click here for more information about the format, rules, prizes and how to sign up!

    Get ready for a chance to win our honorary guild rank of King/Queen of Bloodshed for a month!
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