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    In need of cozy home for myself and a few friends


    My friends call me Tay. I played GW2 heavily when it launched but ran out of content after getting a legendary and didn't have a good guild to run dungeons or enjoy the existing content. Recently a buddy of mine and I decided to give Path of Fire a try and we both are having a blast. I am looking for a guild for us both to join to help guide us into the new content, raids, dungeons, etc. Also looking a group with a friendly, active discord. I read over the charter and this guild seems well managed and interesting. Maintaining a large guild is no small feat!

    My in game contact name is greenlily.3718. My beautiful Sylvari Soulbeast is Francesca Ives.

    A little about me: I am 34 years old and work from home. I am technically east coast but I usually play late into the night (sometimes into the morning). My friend is from New Zealand so often I stay up late to enjoy the game with him. I have 3 other North American friends that may also be interested in joining. I am kinda the envoy to test the waters for us to see if this will be a good home.

    Thank you for your time!

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    Hey, welcome to the forums!
    How did you hear about us? Any questions?

    Feel free to look up someone in leadership next time you're online
    ~Missy, Scorned Siren Missy.6803

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    Hey there Tay and welcome to ESP. I hope you enjoy your time as official envoy/water tester.



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