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    Introduction and Application

    Hi, Iím Matt. Mas.7401. Ingame I have many names and characters which I alternate between and love mostly equally (all 80, mostly ascended);
    Tungzil Wyldflight, my DPS and WvW Rev
    Tizian Ebonheart, my WvW Spellbreaker
    Perseus Whitemane, my engineer which I can play both core condi engineer (expert) on or Holosmith (novice)
    Troy Sivan ( Troye) ,my mostly fractal Ventari Healer Rev, He wears zealots right now.
    Garius Jaggedblade, my beloved Deadeye.
    Helena Rael my Mes, I rarely play her. And pretty poorly at that.
    Tychus Firekeeper, my beastly grieving FB. My go to Fractal DPS character.
    Perseus Valorius, my cute asura power soulbeast.
    Twedwr, Sylvari Weaver
    Vindicus Bloodfeast my Necro which I donít play much.
    Arthwawn my condi soulbeast.

    Iím 26 and live in Ohio. Eastern Timezone. I work M-Th 10 hr shifts at my normal work. I also am in summer school full time and finishing a degree. On Friday and Saturdays I work another job. My availability is in the evenings about 7 Ė 11 EDT (4-9 EDT). On Saturday night I can stay up later.
    In game I do T4 fractals everyday and multirole as a DPS character on one of my characters or play my Ventari Healer (Troy Sivan).
    I enjoy meta events where I can bring out my Deadeye and other DPS characters.
    I want to do raiding but have no experience doing so other than 2 Vale Guardian kills.
    I also do WvW and primarily played with a guild that did 3-15 man raids for the first 3 years of the core game.
    I am mostly looking for fun social experiences and if someone says then want to do a hero point or event I like to be useful and help out.
    I am unavailable at work to be contacted so leaving a message in discord is best for me.
    I use discord on my PC, and Tablet. I donít use teamspeak much anymore.
    Ingame chat is always great.

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    Welcome! I remember you from WvW last night. I'll send an invite your way soon! Feel free to ask any questions in the meantime.



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