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    Raid Bingo 2018!

    This is a Raid Bingo. You have Aug 6 - Sept 5 to complete a Bingo. You can have up to six Bingo entries if you complete the entire card. Winner will be after the Bingo ends. Prize TBD; there will be a prize for the first person to complete this, and a raffle for all completed bingos.

    You can do these on your own time or during ESP events.

    You are responsible for keeping track of your own progress.
    The leadership will be watching the roster, so if you come up with a Bingo in the first week and no one saw you in raids, you need to do it again.

    You need to screenshot your achievements if possible. Send finished Bingos to Drago.

    • 5 across
    • 5 down
    • 4 corners and the middle

    ESP Raids Events:
    • Sunday 7pm
    • Wednesday 7pm
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