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    Diku Spider iMud

    Hello I have a weird request I was originally a member of the guild iMud over ten years ago. Through some google searches I found it changed hands to someone named Starfleck Almighty and supposedly became apart of an alliance with ESP. I say all this because I'm trying to see if I can reconnect with some of my old guildmates. I know ten years is a very long time but if anyone knows Diku, Starfleck Almighty, Soren Durza, or RUEZ, or a way to get a hold of them or even point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.

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    Starfleck Almighty, Soren Durza are names I remember. Starfleck is in gw2 but he doesn't play too often. You may want to send him an inbox with other ways to reach you besides in game. His account ID is Starfleck.8392
    I don't have him on Facebook anymore, but poked on skype for you.



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