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Thread: Hi, everyone!

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    Hi, everyone!

    Hey there!

    My name is Zac and I'm looking for a new guild home on GW2. I played at launch but ended up leaving the game shortly before HoT. In the last couple of weeks, I've gotten the itch to play the game again (I've missed the pvp/combat) and came back to find that my guilds are all inactive/empty. Looking through the GW2 forums, I found saw a post advertising for ESP and, well, here I am!

    I'm definitely looking for a PvX guild, though I tend to lean toward pvp (sPvP and WvW) but I'm definitely interested in Raids and Fractals. I'm a grad student so I'm all over the place with my schedule but most nights are free (I'm Central NA) as are random parts of the day. Currently on Dragonbrand but I'll definitely transfer over to Fort Aspenwood if I get back into a WvW rhythm.

    I'd love to get an invite to the guild so I can hang out with y'all and enjoy this game again.

    My in-game info: Popperofski.2683 (probably playing my low level necro, Ryon The Nightshade).

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    Greetings Zac! I responded to your in-game mail. Again thank you for your app

    By the way, if you have any other questions outside of the ones you sent, feel free to post them here

    Feel free to contact any of the other officer/council as I will be traveling soon for the holidays.

    Thank you again and welcome!

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    Hey there and welcome to the forums.

    I can relate to your grad-student pain and the way it musses up your daily schedule.

    Look us up in game so we can chat and fix you up with an invite.



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