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    Xentric's Wondrous Application

    Hello everyone! Nice to meet you. You can call me Xentric, I'm 22 years old and I live in Israel. Xcentric.7698 in game!

    About me? About me. Like I said, 22 years old. Currently serving in the army. I'm a self-taught musician and have been playing bass guitar for a while. Been doing IT for a while as well.

    I've played GW2 since closed beta and had a blast. Due to my old computer's technical limitations I've ended up quitting the game back about when the Maguuma maps were released. Now while looking for a new game to sink into I've decided to try and get back to Guild Wars, and what better way than to make a new character and new friends?

    Due to my erratic schedule, I play whenever I get a chance. Usually active during 9AM pacific time. I love PvE content but won't rule out some PvP action after I level my new character up and get used to it. Looking to ramble on in guild chat and Discord, and WhatsApp if there's a group I guess.

    Here's to new beginnings. Xentric signing out!

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    Hey there Xentric, glad to see that you found your way to ESP, and thanks for the wondrous application. Fellow musicians are always cool by me.

    We do a bit of everything in game, and we do have an active Discord, so it sounds like you would probably enjoy our group. Feel free to look for anyone in leadership when you are online and we can see about getting you set up.

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    Welcome to ESP



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