Hello everyone! Nice to meet you. You can call me Xentric, I'm 22 years old and I live in Israel. Xcentric.7698 in game!

About me? About me. Like I said, 22 years old. Currently serving in the army. I'm a self-taught musician and have been playing bass guitar for a while. Been doing IT for a while as well.

I've played GW2 since closed beta and had a blast. Due to my old computer's technical limitations I've ended up quitting the game back about when the Maguuma maps were released. Now while looking for a new game to sink into I've decided to try and get back to Guild Wars, and what better way than to make a new character and new friends?

Due to my erratic schedule, I play whenever I get a chance. Usually active during 9AM pacific time. I love PvE content but won't rule out some PvP action after I level my new character up and get used to it. Looking to ramble on in guild chat and Discord, and WhatsApp if there's a group I guess.

Here's to new beginnings. Xentric signing out!