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    Returning player looking for active guild.

    Hello all, I am a returning player from launch. I have played on and off this whole time but have generally been playing solo. I just completed the PoF storyline and am now working on crafting and improving gear.

    I am in 2 guilds currently that have seemed to have died, and am currently looking for a guild I can learn from and to improve my knowledge of the game. (Also meet new people) I do enjoy playing WvW but I do spend most of my time doing map completions, meta events, World Bosses and fractals.

    Here is my info:
    Account name: Fiso.1273
    Age: 32
    Server: Fort Aspenwood
    Times that I play: I live in CST and am on MWFS. Times may vary depending on work and RL stuff but I am usually on around 4:40pm to 8:30pm EST.

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    Hey there Fiso and welcome.

    Feel free to touch base with anyone from leadership in game (we'll be keeping an eye out for you as well), and we can chat and see about getting you all set up with a shiny new guild.



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