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    Interested in joining PvX/WvW guild

    Your in-game name to facilitate contact.
    Since we are an 18+ guild, we need to know your age beforehand.
    Your playing hours (preferably in US pacific time format).
    -I can play any time with advanced notice. Some times i play mornings, sometimes nights. or both.
    The type of content you are most interested in.
    -Interested in WvW and even PvP. Hell even PvE to make some gold and buy stuff lol
    Your preferred methods of interaction with other players (e.g. text chat, voice, forums, etc).
    -I prefer text chat but have a mic and every talking platform for when needed.

    I Love to game. Currently i'm playing GW2, World Of Tanks, Rainbow Six Siege and i'm thinking about getting back in to Black Desert Online but not sure. Like your guys name and thought i'd apply and see what happens. Really looking for a good NA WvW guild.

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    Hey, it's me, Ronifer. We play WvW in a small, organized group three days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Friday) starting at 8:30 PM EST, 9:00 PM EST, and on reset (currently 10:00 PM EST) respectively, and meet 30 minutes prior to the start for preparations and practice in the guild hall. During WvW, we focus on fighting groups similar to our size mainly through roaming and attacking/defending smaller objectives.

    ESP has a discord with lively channels, including our wvw channels that link to a sheet of recommended builds for all professions in small-scale WvW. We chat through voice channels in Fort Aspenwood's Discord incase any FA allies wants to hop in our voice channel.

    Many members of the guild play PvE, and we have organized sessions for fractals and raids.

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