On Nov 2nd at 2pm Pacific, ESP will be hosting our Halloween Party! As always there will be plenty of games and prizes to win! The spppoooookkky setting may give you a fright, but have no fear when grouped together for this exciting time!

This year we will be visited by *checks notes* the spirit of Zhaitan! Now, don't fret, he isn't going to do anything harmful... maybe. But using super advance necro *stares at page* asura-long-word-of something, we'll be able to really feel Zhaitan's deathly gaze and hear the rumblings of a dragon! We may even get to be visited by some of his minions! What a great time, right?

We also have a special prize from another lovable incarnate of death. A replica of Dhuum's Chair! You will be allowed one entry per person at no cost! The winner will be drawn at the end of the party. We do ask that if you already have the chair unlocked that you refrain from entering to allow those who may not have easy access to the chair to have a chance to get this unique item.

Thank you all and hope to see you there