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    Annoucement from Drago

    Greetings All Members of ESP!

    Just recently, we had a pretty successful Halloween Party! There was a good turn out and plenty of prizes that were given out. I want to thank those who helped shape the party and thank those who were able to come! I've had a number of folks mention this was the best party yet!

    Our raiders have also made a lot of great progress and have conquered all current raid wings! A number of our raiders have also gained the legendary armor and a few more have gotten the raid legendary trinket.

    However, I do have some heavy news to pass on.

    By the end of the year, I'll be stepping down as Leader for ESP.

    I know that line may be surprising to many and the decision wasn't easy. You may have a lot of questions and what the future of ESP is going to be like. I'll lay it out all here and there will be a TL;DR at the end.

    I want to start with that I made this decision back on Jan 2019. Before anything happened at Arenanet or with other things that have recently popped up with the game. The Council was informed at that time and we made a small plan on when info would be released. We scheduled a time with the officers over the summer so that we could inform them and get their thoughts. The final step is this post, to inform you of the changes. My decision was based on a large number of factors. From lack of Anet support to guilds, RL Job responsibilities mounting, difficulties with retention, burn out from playing the game straight since launch, and other factors. But I do want to stress that it was never from you, the members of ESP that pushed me into this decision. Me being in this position was kinda unintentional to begin with. I just wanted to be an officer since I knew I could help a lot of folks in my area of the game- PvE. But things changed and I needed to step up to keep the glue of ESP together... and I'm glad I did.

    Sure, being a guild leader is stressful at times, but there is a lot of joy that comes out of it. I really have enjoyed leading this great group of people from all over the globe to just have fun and in an environment that is positive to all. Personally, taking this position has built me up to be a better leader IRL. I mentioned above that my RL job responsibilities are mounting, and that is due to some folks leaving/retiring and someone with the expertise close enough needed to lead. I've been able to apply what I've learned leading ESP to smoothly get into these positions way easier than I would have thought.

    What is going to happen to ESP? It will still be here but there obviously a number of changes.

    • Final Day- My final day will be on Dec 18th. I'll lead raids that night. After that date I'll be gone for about 2 weeks for Christmas and New Years, so no more guild missions, raids and the like after the 18th being lead by me. After the beginning of the New Year, there may be a few loose ends, but I intend to be hands off completely at this time.
    • Events- Since I am stepping down, I am no longer leading events. So raids, missions, hosting parties, strikes, holiday events, and other special events are no longer going to be lead by me and more than likely cease in their current organized fashion. Missions will be changed to be started by anyone as of right now only officers and up can start them. We will probably change the guild missions to just PvE as well to ensure more variety of easier missions to tackle. Raids, one of the main events will continue to be lead by Krioni. He has done a good job filling when Iíve been out, so please support Kri continuing the event. I may pop in here and there to assist, but will be out for some time. WvW has been reduced lately but I will leave it up to Snipe how that will be dealt in the future. I know a number of people have been waiting for the eventual alliances to drop.
    • Recruitment- There isn't going to be anymore driven recruitment though we are going to open up the permissions to allow most folks to invite to ESP. The code of conduct will still apply to everyone. We wanted to open it up to make it a bit more driven by members and allow folks to bring in friends for the guild boosts and rewards.
    • Guild Hall- Decorations isn't going to change much but we will probably allow assembly access so it easier to do the scribe profession in case you want to pursue that. The rule still stands to ask before you start removing stuff.
    • Guild Bank- Will be opened up more and the current items will be open to take. What gold we did have was used up for the last party so there are only items left. Please be mindful and not horde your own items or take away large amount of items that could help a fellow guildie out.
    • Website- The guild website was on a yearly sub that will run out early 2020. There are no plans to renew it and really the site hasn't been used much. If there is something that you wish to save from the site, make sure you do it soon.
    • Discord- The Discord server will be kept up though I will be closing out some unused text channels and be reducing the number of voice channels. All current council and officers will keep their ranks, but if need be, promote/demote as needed.

    I believe that covers everything. So ESP will still be here and you are welcome to stay or leave as you see fit. But we felt that this guild that has gone on for so long shouldn't be dismantled. It won't be the same but we hope this will keep the friendships alive that have been made in this guild.

    • Drago is stepping down as leadership. Dec 18th is the final day.
    • Most events will cease. Krioni will continue to lead raids/strikes. Snipe will still handle anything WvW. Guild Missions will be opened up for everyone.
    • Recruitment will no longer be pushed but will be opened for members to invite.
    • Guild bank will be opened for more use but still be courteous.
    • The website will expire early 2020.
    • Discord will still be kept up but with reduced channels.
    • ESP will still exist as a guild.

    You may have a lot of questions for me directly. There will be one more guild meeting held on Dec 7th. I would have liked it to be sooner, but I'll be gone on the 23rd and 30th of Nov. Feel free to PM me directly with any questions that you need answered or questions that you may want to bring up during the final guild meeting. The various changes I mentioned above will most likely kick in right after the new year.

    I want to again to thank you all for an awesome guild experience and just a great ton of fun we've had. I look forward to seeing you all here and there as new content drops for GW2 in the future.



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    You will be missed and your work for the guild has been greatly appreciated. Vlad and I have been in and out for weeks now but will be back and hope to see you as new content drops.

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    Thank you for all of your hard work.



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