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We are a large and active community originating in Guild Wars 1 and now currently engaged in Guild Wars 2. To join or find out more information click here.

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11-plus years of bringing crumpets, pants, vodka and shenanigans into the Guild Wars lingo.

» Our Guild Rules and Charter

Mar 10, 2011 - 11:07 PM - by Karuna
The Latest Version of our Guild Rules

Our guild has been going strong now for over 10 years. While we started out as a Guild Wars 1 guild, our primary focus is now on Guild Wars 2. As far as rules go, we like to assume that members have common sense and just play together. However, the official rules can be found here - in the interest of maintaining the longevity of ESP and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride for all members. Members and applicants are always welcome to ask any of us if you have questions.

About Our Guild

The Everlasting Sacred Path began its journey on June 18th, 2005. The purpose of the guild was to provide a place for mature gamers to come together in an environment where the focus is on camaraderie and having fun. Since that time we have grown into a large guild that has enjoyed a great deal of success and recognition within the gaming community. Throughout it all, we have never strayed from our original purpose and we will always continue to take our casual, low stress, and sometimes silly course through whatever games we decide to play together. This is the simple concept that holds us together - this is a game: enjoy the time that you spend here. And what better way to do that than among the company of people that you can call friends.

Our expectations are that people within [ESP] show a strong interest in grouping with other members as well as providing assistance and taking part in events when they are free and able. Since we are a social guild, we are more impressed by good personalities than by raw skills and gaming accomplishments. Many of us are people who have to uphold busy lifestyles in the real world so it is perfectly understandable whenever someone has to limit their play time. However, we do expect people who join us to plan on sticking with our guild for the long term. Anyone planning on being away from the game for an extended time is expected to let us know so that we can preserve your spot on the roster.

We encourage our members to actively utilize our Discord server and our forums as a means to help organize groups and events as well as for socialization and as a way to help increase the overall level of activity in our guild.

We take part in all aspects of the game -- including all PvE, PvP, WvW and the occasional roleplaying. Variety is the spice of the ESP life. No one is required to take part in any specific event or method of play. The idea is for everyone to pick out the guild activities that interest them the most, and then join in on a regular basis.

ESP Guild Rules

Current members and those wishing to be considered for membership all agree to the following rules and standards of conduct. Our rules are simple and rely heavily on common sense. Our intention is not to fuss over little details or 'manage' people. Rather, these rules are in place in order to help us maintain a healthy guild that is fun, inclusive, and supportive of all those people who go about the realm wearing the [ESP] guild tag.

  • If you cannot handle Rated R+ Adult humor, this is not the guild for you.

  • We are an 18+ guild.

  • Treat others within the guild and the alliance with respect at all times. Racial, ethnic, and religious slurs will not be tolerated.

  • Conflicts between guild members, should they arise for whatever reason, are to be handled in private. If you are unable to resolve an issue yourself then contact a member of leadership and we will take appropriate action.

  • No excessive vulgar language in chat. Use your common sense regarding this rule. We aren't chat police: we enjoy jokes and this is an adult guild with adult-oriented chat. What we don't want is purely juvenile behavior, shocking people to get attention, and in general people just making asses out of themselves for no good reason.

  • You are a representative of the guild. Conduct yourself in the gaming community in a manner that reflects [ESP] standards.

  • We are a guild that enjoys providing assistance to other members with any and all parts of the game. However, we ask that when a member requests help, they do so in a courteous manner and with the understanding that prior commitments may prevent people from being able to take immediate action. In other words, just be reasonable and we will be happy to assist when we can.

  • We expect guild members to represent ESP when joining for guild events. While we have a very low representation policy, we expect interactivity such as talking in chat, going to guild events, and donating will be our way of making sure we stay a social PvX gGuild. We prefer not to set a hard limit on what % active is 'enough'. However, if players are observed to be continually absent from the game without notice or not interacting with the guild then they will be contacted and run the risk of being removed from the roster.

  • We expect guild members to join us for guild events when they are in the same part of the game. Example: ESP WvW event and member is on Fort Aspenwood and in another borderland. When ESP's WvW event starts, the member in the other borderland joins and reps us. Example: A member is going fractals, and the dungeon or PvEvening event chosen for the week is fractals; if the member is going to continue doing fractals, they need to be in the ESP group unless we have more than enough for the group(s). This goes for all areas of the game, WvW, PvP, PvE, and Raids. *Exemptions or a compromise of events are worked out with Council.

  • Everlasting Sacred Path welcomes members from any NA server. Our WvW, however, is based out of Fort Apenwood.

  • These basic rules are not meant to be all-inclusive. We believe in being mindful toward our fellow humans, and we practice a 'live and let live' philosophy that embraces players of all types and backgrounds without prejudice. Violation of the rules in kind, or in spirit, may result in dismissal from the guild.

  • ESP has a buddy system that new members have to go through before they become full members. It's our way of introducing new members to our community, helping them and ensure that they can blend in well with the rest of us. Make sure you read this thread for more detail about the buddy system before applying.

Thank you all for taking the time to review this post.


~The Leadership of the Everlasting Sacred Path

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