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The Everlasting Sacred Path Preparing for Guild Wars 2 Event Board

Join the Everlasting Sacred Path:

We are a large and active community originating in Guild Wars 1 and now currently engaged in Guild Wars 2. To join or find out more information click here.

Current Events:

We host a wide range of events for our guild in all aspects of Guild Wars 2. Check out our Calendar or view our Event Board!

The Everlasting Sacred Path:

11-plus years of bringing crumpets, pants, vodka and shenanigans into the Guild Wars lingo.

ESP's 13th-Year Birthday Party

Jun 23, 2018 - 3:03 PM - by Karuna
Karuna's Avatar

"If I had a world of my own,
everything would be nonsense.
Nothing would be what it is,
because everything would be what it isn't.
And contrary wise,
what is, it wouldn't be.
And what it wouldn't be,
it would.
You see."; it's ESP.

-Alice in Wonderland
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WvW Bingo 2018!

May 07, 2018 - 7:16 PM - by Missy
Missy's Avatar

This is a World versus World Bingo. You have May 18th - June 21st to complete a Bingo. You can have up to six Bingo entries if you complete the entire card. Winner will be pulled at our Birthday Party. Prize TBD; there will be a prize for the first person to complete this, and a raffle for all completed bingos.

You can do these on your own time or during ESP events.

You are responsible for keeping track of your own progress.
The leadership will be watching the roster, so if you come up with a Bingo in the first week and no one saw you in WvW, you need to do it again.

**The "Went to 5 guild events for at least 1 hour" and "Helped with WvW missions" is for ESP guild events/missions.

**"Stayed on tag most of the raids" means all of the wvw raids you went, on ESP or on your own with another tag (unless you're a scout/sentry in which case the commander will know that). This includes staying with your group in havocing (5-10 people). Roaming of course is solo or with 1 to 3 other people and not needed to stay together.

**"Was in Discord for most of the raids" is for all wvw raids you went on, ESP or on your own with another tag.

**If you already completed and currently use a WvW build Snipe posted - or worked with someone else to make it - and it's successful in WvW, you can mark those as complete at the start of the month.

**"Helped advertise ESP WvW events 4 times in gchat" should have been "4 different times". Spamming "wvw in 10 minutes" 4 times for 1 event does not count. It needs to be for 4 different guild events.

During ESP guild events; we will be responding to the map as usual and not blatantly working on this card (except missions obviously). If we happen to do part of the card then awesome! Keep track.

  • 5 across
  • 5 down
  • 4 corners and the middle

ESP WvW Events:
  • Monday @ 5:30pm
  • Tuesday @ 6pm
  • Friday @ 7pm - reset
  • Saturday after missions 5pm
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Platypusapalooza 2018!

Apr 14, 2018 - 11:33 PM - by Missy
Missy's Avatar

Its eyes watched
the baby platypi
eating their fish
in celebration of
How conceited.
How naive.
How ungrateful
that it let them be born.
Why do they -a glisten
catches its eye-
"Ooh shinies!"
The baby platypi live
another day.
Or do they?

Join us Saturday, April 21st @ 12pm to save the baby platypi from their predators! There will be a costume contest at the start; dress up as a predator (as in the alien or as a predator of the platypus) or as water/platypus related.
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Announcing Bloodshed! ESP's 2v2 Tournament April 22nd 2018

Mar 18, 2018 - 1:00 PM - by Burjis
Burjis's Avatar

The wait is over as we announce the second of our well received 2v2 PvP Tournament in Guild Wars 2: Bloodshed!
Even though this is a PvP tournament, it's designed to be accessible to people of different skill level as high skill players will team up with lower skilled players to balance matches and ensure that everybody has an equal chance at winning in the tournament. If that's not motivation enough, at a minimum players will be rewarded for participation alone.
Additionally, this event will include live commentary and the matches will be recorded and uploaded to our forums.
Just click here for more information about the format, rules, prizes and how to sign up!

Get ready for a chance to win our honorary guild rank of King/Queen of Bloodshed for a month!
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ESP Harmony 2018!

Feb 21, 2018 - 10:33 PM - by Missy
Missy's Avatar

Once upon a time,
there was a duck and a beaver;
they had a forbidden love.
Out came a platypus
who squeaked in delight
then waddled away to the water.
The platypus found
love, honor, noble rights,
and more love in ESP.

Come join us Saturday, February 24th @ 12pm! We have planned an ESP renowned heart race, quaggan putt putt, a 20 item raffle (TBPosted), and the return of both a witch hunt (sign up TBPosted) and the word association game!

Missions will follow the party; might start late
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